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Thursday, July 9, 2009


OH gosh I was so busy today!! i woke at 12 pm... got ready and went to pick my friends and then we went to the mall.. we were looking for a gift for our friend for her birthday but there was nothing nice... and plus we didnt have enough time to really look around... we were there for like bearly 2 hours... we would of been there longer but one of my friend had to be back by 3:30... all we did was look around a little bit and most of the time we just ate cause we didn't eat anything yet!! and plus the food wasn't that good!! well we got back by 3:30ish... dropped off one of my friend and me and my other friend went to another store... we both ended up buying a shirt for ourselves!! haha... then i had to take my friend to school... she had a confrence with her teacher at 4:40... so we got there in time and plus i had to turn in some financial aid papers... i had to make copies of my tax paper and then i had to go a boring ass info session thingy for the financial aid for about 40 min.... i think were at the school for almost 2 hours!! but im just glad i finally turned in all my papers now i just have to wait for the letter to come to see if i get financial aid or not!! now all i have left is to register for classes!! YAY~~~ ahah anyways after that we went back to my house to drop off some things and then we went to another store but didnt buy anything... and after that i took my friend to get a haircut from another friend!! stayed there for about an hour or soo... then came back to my house i got changed to go to the gym.... but before we went to the gym we went to a resturant to meet up with my friends boyfriend!! ate a little bit and then went to the gym for an hour and then finally came home!! hehe now i'm ready for bed!! sooo tired!! nights!!

1:49 AM

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


HmMm haven't blog for a bit!! lets see what I did today.... i went to work and it was so slow and boring!! Then picked up my friend on my home so we could hang out!! i came home, took a shower and then we went to the store for an hour and came back to my house!! Changed into my gym clothes and left again!! we went to my friends work place to eat before we went to the gym... i think we hung out there for like an hour or so... eating and hanging with our friends that was working there!! we actually went to visit them at work!! hehe!! after that we finally went to they gym for an hour or so... we saw one of our old high school friend!! chit chat for a bit!! everytime i go to the gym i swear i always see some i know and havent seen for years!! haha!! well yea... after that we just went home... now its time for bed got a day planned to go to the mall tomorrow!! our friends bday is coming up soon so we need to go buy her a gift... can't wait!! only thing is we don't really know what she would really like... we might get a purse!! hehe!! kk thats all for now!! nights!!

2:20 AM

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Okay Last Night I had the most horrible dream or should I say nightmare... I dreamt that my mom died... in my dream there was only me, my mom and my dad!! my mom passed away and my dad was upset and then he left me alone... i was in my house by myself... i was sad and scared cuz it felt like my dad abandoned me after my mom passed away... i started to run around the house crying and screaming for my mom... i kept saying "Please come back mom" "where are u mom"... i just kept crying and crying and then i woke up so scared and sad... then i went out into the living room to check on my mom!! She was sleeping... but i was still so sad cause my mom is still sick and she like pratically on her death bed... everytime i see her i just want to break down crying so bad but i can't!!.. well before i had that nightmare last night, yesterday my dad told me that there nothing anyone can do for my mom and she could pass away anytime in her sleep... after hearing that i was sad and heartbroken!! I dont want to leave my mothe alone!! i dont even want to go to work anymore!! i'm scared something might happen to my mom when i'm away!! I don't even go out anymore... the only time i go out is to the gym and when i go to the gym i think alot when i'm there!! All i want now is for my whole family to come together so we can take family pictures!! I also want to do a family reunion for my mom!! all i pray and hope for is that God will give us a maricle and let my mom get better!!!

5:36 PM

Friday, June 12, 2009

Okay i havent blogged in a while!!! i'm bored so i guess i should write something... okay its soo hot right now... its like summer and my mom turned on the heater... i'm dying here!!! and just to let u know my mom is sick so her body is different from ours!! gosh the heat is killing me tho!!! i have my window open but the heat is hitting right where i sleep!! man this sucks!! ohh yess my dad just turned off the heater right now~~ finally i can breath!! lol!! well i have nothing else to write!! bye!!

1:40 AM

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today was a busy and depressing day!! i woke up around 12 pm... went to sleep really late last night!! well my day was going good... my sister came over and was helping my mom call her doctor and stuff.. then my nephew was so playful climbed onto a ice chest and he fell and landed on his arm and broke it so we had to take him to the ER.... and before that were gonna take my mom to the ER cuz she wasn't feeling well cuz she has cancer.... well back to my nephew... we ended up taking him to the hospital first and we were there for like almost 5 hrs.... well my sis was there like almost 5hrs... i had to come back home cuz i had to call 911 to come get my mom.. the nurse told it was better that we called 911 to come get her instead us taking her there cuz my mom was too weak to get up...!! but yeah they came and got my mom.... damn there were HEKKA FAST... not even 2 min there at my house already!!! but yeah... they took my mom to the same hospital that my nephew was at already....!! i just got home with my sis, but my mom is still at the hospital... my dad is with her... i'm about to go back to the hospital so my dad could come home and eat and shower...!! Gosh i'm having the worse day ever so much bad luck!! i'm glad my nephew is fine!! but my mom... its soo stressful... i went to check on my mom earlier when i was at the hospital and i just felt like breaking down and crying!! its so hard to see my mom in so much pain.... my mom lost soo much weight... she is soo tiny!! and she has her cancer growing outside her stomach.... which is really painful for her...!! i feel so bad that i haven't spent alot of time with her...!! from now on I'm just gonna stay home and spend as much time with my mom as much as i can!!! The thought of losing my mom... i wouldn't even know what to do!! all i can do is pray for her and help her in any way i can!!! anyways... thats all for now!

To Be Continue...

7:13 PM


Hello peoples... wow i haven't undated my blog in forever!! haha!! hmm well... my day was good!! went to work which was boring.... then came home and clean my room up a little... all i have left is laundry... hehe!! then I got ready to go to barcode( a club)... which i just got from!! it was okay!! I went with 3 of my friends and was suppose to meet up with some other friends there, but they came heka late... that we bearly got to dance and hang together!!!but damn the club was heka packed tonight!!a bunch of asians!! lol!! all in all I had a good time!! then my friends wanted to go to dennys and eat, but I didn't want to cuz I don't want to spend anymore money and plus I have food at home... gotta save big time!! no more shopping for me... gotta get me a car ASAP!! lol!!anyways... thats all I did today!! until next time.... bye!!!

And BTW i just got a new hair cut on Tuesday...!! here is a pix!!



2:34 AM

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Got from Angela's blog::

How much of your teenage life have you messed up ?
[ ] gotten detention
[ ] gotten your phone taken away in class
[ ] gotten suspended
[X] gotten caught chewing gum
[ ] gotten caught cheating on a test
[X] arrived late to class more than 5 times
[X] didn't do homework for more than 5 times
[X] turned at least 3 projects late
[X] missed school because you felt like it
[ ] laughed so loud that you got kicked out of class
[ ] got you mum/dad etc. to get you out of school
[X] texted people during class
[X] passed notes
[X] threw stuff across the room
[X] laughed at the teacher
[ ] Pulled down the fire alarm
[X] went on myspace , facebook xanga etc. on the computer at school
[X] took pictures during school hours
[X] listened to an ipod , CD during class
[ ] threw something at the teacher
[X] went outside the classroom without permission
[X] broke the dress code
[X] failed a test
[X] ate food in class
[X] Gotten a call from school
[ ] couldn't go on a field trip because you behaved badly
[X] didn't take your stuff to school
[ ] gotten detention and didn't go
[X] stuck up your middle finger at a teacher when they were not looking
[ ] cursed in class loud enough so the teacher could hear
[X ] faked your parent's signature
[x] slept in class
[ ] cursed a teacher in their face
[x] copied homework
ALL TOTAL : 22/ 35

2:15 AM


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